Our Process

Discover The 4 Step Process To Better Life, Better Love, Better Relationships

6a-asian-and-black-lesbian-coupleStep One
Complete Your Profile

We will create an initial basic profile for each member. Then you will have access to answer more questions about yourself, upload the perfect pictures, make edits, etc. Please understand privacy is very important to us, so your created profile is secure and will not be shared on any public platform(s).

blackcoupleStep Two
Evaluation Assessment

We will help you choose your ideal approach to dating. We will assess what your desires are, develop techniques that will support successful relationships, and apply those techniques to support and guarantee successful dating experiences.

2_insemenationStep Three
Match Making

When you become a matchmaking client, we’ll start scanning the universe for potential compatible candidates that will be an ideal match. All matches are handpicked, personally screen, and subject to final approval by your matchmaker. When necessary, we will provide coaching, dating ideals, and other resources to assist you in presenting the best you possible.

3_surrogacyStep Four
Dating and Retention

We’ll provide insightful feedback, dating advice and guidance throughout your process, as we continue collaborating before and after every date experience to get closer and closer to your successful match.